What is Paint Spraying?

Paint spraying is the process of applying a long-lasting, durable finish to shot blasted surfaces to enhance appearance and provide protection from the elements. On-site we have a purpose-built spray booth which features the latest spraying and filtration technology, and also conforms with current EU standards.

Why Choose Keljay?

Keljay offer multiple types of paint spraying and a range of coatings to ensure the final product achieves an aesthetically pleasing, long-lasting finish. Our types of paint spraying include:



This is the most cost-effective process of painting as it is less labour-intensive, but still delivers a perfect finish which is long-lasting and durable.



This process is more labour-intensive, but will give your structure a glossier finish. We initially apply a base coat of primer, then build up the paint layer with one or two more coats to each section.

Our range of coatings include:


Ideal for use in hospitals, kitchens, food factories and any other environments where cleanliness is essential. Our hygienic coatings are ideal for applications requiring low odour and easy cleaning to prevent the spread of germs.


A popular coating which offers not only the benefits of being eco friendly, but boasts fast drying times, low odour emission and excellent durability. Ideal for use on bridges, railings and posts, and consumer usage applications such as motors, machinery and metal furnishings.


Ideal for outdoor applications due to its waterproofing qualities and removed risk of damage in freezing temperatures. Solvent-based coatings will usually give a superior appearance but require good initial ventilation to remove odour.


Ideal for heavy duty use including industrial, chemical, marine and water immersion due to its adhesive
strength, toughness, abrasion resistance and chemical resistance.

Paint Spraying Examples

Nationwide service

Keljay are a market leader in shot blasting and refurbishments and through our dedicated facility based in Derbyshire we offer our services nationwide. Our team of skilled fabricators and our Kelcollect fleet will ensure your products are completed to a high standard and delivered safely at a time and date to suit you.  


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